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How it Works:

Registered PriorityMD™ members benefits by being able to

Icon of telephone to call 24/7.

Call PriorityMD

A doctor is always available for any urgent or emergency medical event 24/7. No appointments. Video visits available.

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Speak to the Doctor

Connect with a 100% U.S. Board certified doctor in minutes. Receive prescriptions and medical referrals when needed.

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Enjoy Peace of Mind

The doctor helps you make better decisions for all unanticipated emergency or urgent health events. Improve Life.

Membership Includes:

  • Real-time access to emergency doctors without appointment 24/7 worldwide.
  • First emergency medical call included.
  • Emergency & non-emergency calls welcomed.
  • PriorityMD emergency hotline & international access numbers included.
  • Follow-up calls included for same event at no additional cost.
  • Advise - from state licensed board certified emergency trained doctors. Special emergency telemedicine trained.
  • Prescriptions - doctors write prescriptions on the call when required. Controlled substances may NOT be prescribed.
  • All pre-existing conditions accepted.
  • Referral - doctors refer when required at no cost.
  • Easy access - call and speak to the doctor.
  • Video with doctor - is available or when required by law.
  • Medical services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed, or refund on any medical event.
  • Privacy - Medical team follows all HIPAA guidelines.

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