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Gives you the GRIP to get going

Slip the skid-proof SAVE-A-TOW TRACTION RAMP™ under your tire and away you go. Gets you out of snow, mud and sand in a jiffy. The studs grip the tire, the alligator teeth grip the road, the hump keeps it from being spun out by the tire. Saves shoveling, pushing, over-exertion and injury. Saves time, saves dollars in towing and prevents transmission damage.

  • The SAVE-A-TOW TRACTION RAMP™ is engineered for cars, vans, pick-up trucks, and sport utility vehicles
  • A must for everyone who has to drive in snow, mud, sand or offroad
  • Made of high-density, rigid, tough polymer, ounce for ounce stronger than steel. Supports more than 2,000 pounds
  • Light weight, 3 pounds
  • 5-3⁄4” wide, 17-1⁄2” long, 3-1⁄2” high at the hump
  • 3⁄8” hanger hole

ADD TEETH To Your Tires!

  • CONVENIENT Place the ramp under stuck tire and drive right out. 
  • HANDY No moving parts, no tools required. 
  • STRONG Supports more than 2000 lbs. 
  • PORTABLE Weighs about 3 lbs. 
  • QUALITY Made and patented in the USA. 
  • GUARANTEED Guaranteed against breakage to 85 degrees below zero.

Engineered for Cars, Vans, Pick-ups,
and Sport Utility Vehicles

Use the Save-A-Tow Traction Ramp in snow,
sand, mud, or off-road situations to get your
vehicle unstuck fast.

Put A Save-A-Tow Traction Ramp
In All Your Vehicles!

Great for fishermen, hunters, outdoors men and campers.

An essential tool for
emergency response personnel!


As Seen In Magazines and Catalogs!

In most situations, only one ramp is required to extract your vehicle from the most impossible "hole". The shark tooth bottom can't be spun out while the studded ramp gives good traction and smooth exit. It is a great item to keep in the trunk for emergencies.

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