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While our core business focus is producing paper cups and foodservice packaging made with the environment in mind, we’ve started manufacturing face masks and respirators in an effort to do our part in the fight against COVID-19. Whether you seek US-made PPE or sustainable paper-based packaging, Pureco USA is ready to be of service.

Pureco PPE

Shortly after launching our Santa Ana, CA manufacturing facility where we planned to produce recyclable paper cups and food service packaging, COVID-19 hit the USA.

In an effort to do our part in the fight against the pandemic, we’ve started producing 3 layer masks (ASTM Levels 1-3) and 5 layer masks (which we’ve submitted to NIOSH in hopes of earning N95 respirator status).

For those interested in US-made masks, we have approximately 1 million 3 layer masks in inventory and continue to produce an estimated 750,000 of them on a weekly basis. We have approximately 25,000 5 layer masks available at any given time and are capable of producing 350,000 of them on a weekly basis. Available with ear loops or head straps, our 5 layer masks come individually wrapped with custom printed (one color black only) logo upon request.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions, Mother Nature Approved

Pureco cups.

We manufacture our sustainable paper cups and foodservice packaging using EarthCoating®, a mineral-enriched resin alternative to Polyethylene that uses 40-51% less plastic.

Unlike most plastic-coated paper products which end up in the landfill or ocean, our products are designed to be valuable and easy for paper recyclers to pulp into high-grade recycled paper products using conventional paper recycling equipment.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can do your part for the environment by using paper products made with EarthCoating®. Be sure to ask about our closed-loop collection program for paper cups made with EarthCoating®.

For product and sales information, contact: info@ussafetysolutions.com or call us at 510-356-6543.