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Flame Resistant

Industry leading flame resistant solutions.

This industry leading flame resistant range provides multi-standard protection for hazardous environments. These state of the art products are the result of years of experience combined with advanced technology and market research. Commitment to the health, safety and comfort of the wearer can be seen in the wide range of products suitable for all climates and end uses.

5 Industry Leading Flame Resistant Fabrics

Araflame™ is an inherently permanent flame resistant aramid fabric. It is extremely flame resistant, lightweight, offers high tensile strength and full antistatic protection.

Bizflame® is a proprietary flame resistant finish which, when applied to fabric, gives excellent flame resistance. The carbon fiber yarns make the garments antistatic.

Bizweld® 100% cotton 9.5oz fabric is completely flame resistant. All Bizweld garments offer excellent flame and molten splash protection for welding, foundries and allied industries.

Modaflame® is an inherently permanent flame resistant fabric. This special blend combines 60% modacrylic fiber with 39% cotton and 1% carbon fiber. Modaflame is extremely comfortable, hardwearing and offers full anti-static protection.

Sealtex® Flame is constructed from a flame resistant, PU coated, polyester fabric 7.5oz. The lightweight and durable Sealtex Flame is designed to offer full protection against adverse weather conditions and flame hazards.

Laundering of Flame Resistant Fabrics

The Flame Resistant finish is retained for the normal life cycle of the garment provided that the care instructions are adhered to.

Washing / Drying Procedure

Pretreatment: If stains are difficult to remove, they can be treated before putting into the washing machine with a liquid detergent applied directly to stains and lightly rubbed. Heavier and stubborn stains should be pretreated with a commercial stain removal product at the earliest opportunity and sufficient time allowed for the pretreatment to penetrate and loosen the stain. Never use chlorine bleach or washing detergents containing bleach as these will reduce the flame resistance properties of the fabric. Fabric softeners, starches and other laundry additives are not recommended as they can mask the flame resistance performance and may also act as a fuel in case of combustion.


Always wash contaminated workwear separately, do not mix with non workwear. Flame Resistant fabric can usually be washed at high temperatures however it is the components (ie. the reflective tape, badging, etc.) on a finished garment that dictates the maximum washing temperature that the garment can be washed at. Always follow the washing temperature on the garment label. Always wash and dry garments inside out to minimize surface abrasion and help maintain the surface appearance of the fabric. Zippers should be closed during washing.

Load Size

To ensure a more efficient, cleaner wash, avoid overloading the machine so the garments can move freely through the wash and rinse cycles.


Tumble drying is not usually recommended as the temperature used is often too high and can cause garment shrinkage. It is vital that cotton or cotton mix garments are not over dried. Over drying is the main cause of excessive garment shrinkage. Do not hang in direct sunlight. This can cause fading.

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