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Photo of the IAQ Monitor.

TL Flair AIQ Monitor

The smart indoor air quality monitor designed for healthy and energy efficient commercial applications

Logos for Well Platinum 2017, Rese International Standard, U.S. Green Building Council.

The Air Monitoring Solution For Your Needs

The TL Flair IAQ Monitor is designed to work with customizable indoor sensors that can be integrated into the modular cartridge design as shown.

Image of different measurements such as PM, TVOC, carbon dioxide, temperature, humidity and AQI.

These cartridges are interchangable and can be specially made to sense a specific chemical that your facility may need to monitor.

Image of icons used on the app such as HCHO, CO, O3, Harmful Nitrate, Harmful Sulphates, More.

Hardware Features

Photo of the monitor in an upright position.
icon Customizable Sensor Modules
icon Wi-Fi Connection
icon Ethernet Port
icon 8GB On-Board Memory
icon Real Time Cloud Communication
icon 8 hour battery life
icon Micro SD Card Export/Secondary storage
icon 7" Color Touchscreen Display
icon 5000 sq.ft Area Size Coverage

Software Features

Photo of the software on a phone..
icon Monitor and manage multiple devices
icon Wi-Fi View real-time data and trends Connection
icon SSL/TLS Encryption
icon Identify sources of pollution
icon Compare readings across devices
icon Export historical data
icon Receive notifications

Quick Install

Photo of monitor in a sitting room and one on the wall.

Smart Building Automation

Graphic of icons for security, modbus, scalability, Clound end Local MQTT, Building Auomation, BACnet, Customization and Analytics.

Optimize the performance of any appliances that are on a building management system (BMS), such as HVAC control, smart thermostats, lighting, etc. that pertain to air quality in the building using the flexible connectivity options available.

amlessly integrate to your building’s automation control system through our open API, BACnet and any custom integration that may be required.

Product Specifications

Image of monitor at 7.2-inches in length, 7.9-iches in width and 1.9-inches in thickness.
Power Consumption:10W
Battery:5200mAh / 4.2V Usage Time: 8 hrs
Warranty Durability:TL Flair IAQ : 5 year Warranty

Sensor Modules : 2 years

Accessories:Drywall anchors & screws, USB cable, power adapter
Certifications:Certification logs for RoHS, reach, IC, FC, CE.
 Sensor TypeMeasuring RangeSensor Output ResolutionAccuracy
Particulate Matter 0.1-2.5 (PM0.1-2.5) Laser Particle Sensor1-1000μg/m³1μg/m³±10% (<30μg/m³:±3μg/m³)
Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOCs)Metal Oxide Semiconductor Sensor (MOS)0 - 60000ppb1ppb±5%
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)Non-Dispersive Infrared Detector (NDIR)400 - 2000ppm1 ppm±3% ±50 ppm
TemperatureDigital Sensor-4° - 212° F1° F±1° F
HumidityDigital Sensor0-99%RH1%RH±2%RH