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Image of the oil filter design.

Modern engine technology tolerances dictate a
revolutionary oil filter

Engine tolerances are getting tighter every year creating increased friction and wear. Obsolete 80-year-old filter technology was not created to and cannot meet the incredible demands of today's high-performance engines. Take action now!

What separates HUBB from the competition

Achieve sustainability goals with actionable numbers
100,000 mile or 5,000-hour guarantee
Increased oil flow up to 5x – reduce engine friction
HUBB Filters remove the need for oil filter disposal - HUBB filters are 100% recyclable
Extend oil change intervals based on proven data
Reduce oil spend and time by over 50%

How HUBB Filters Make a Difference

HUBB provides your fleet with filters that are made from stainless 316-L mesh and a 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum so the filter is completely recyclable. As you know the EPA has determines that used oil filters are considered “hazardous” and you are responsible for them until they have been properly disposed of according to Federal Regulations. HUBB eliminates that process and frees up your fleet from that potential liability.

Over time your cost savings can increase from 20% in the first year to 50% or more in the subsequent years, while keeping your engine protected and your oil cleaner for longer. With the patented HUBB Filters reusable, sustainable design, environmental savings are realized, too.

HUBB’s patented design provides your vehicles with the following advantages over standard paper filters:

  • Are built with a surgical stainless steel weave to capture contaminants as small as 5 microns
  • Include 2 pressure differential valves for increased oil flow and engine safety
  • Use easy-to-clean, reusable internal parts
  • Improve oil flow by up to 5 times, when compared to conventional filters, to reduce engine friction
  • Produce an oil flow rate of up to 50 gallons/minute, compared to 10-12 gallons/minute for conventional filters
  • Require .2 PSI/gallon to push oil flow, compared to 7 PSI/gallon for conventional filters
  • Increase contaminant storage capacity by 5 times, but do not accumulate unrecyclable oil like conventional filters
  • Reduce carbon monoxide emissions by up to 30% and nitric oxide emissions by up to 16%

HUBB utilizes an objective, oil analysis-based approach to eliminating unnecessary oil changes and labor costs. This proven approach is based on using actionable data secured from your fleet performance. Since every fleet is different, using your own actionable data offers a solid foundation for the fleet manager to manage oil change interval decisions going forward.

HUBB also removes the need for filter disposal since Hubb filters are 100% recyclable and have a 100,000 mile or 5,000-hour guarantee.

The last filter you’ll ever need. Built from surgical-grade stainless steel, our filter stands up to your toughest applications. From diesel racers, to work trucks, to fleets of all sizes, use your filter, clean it and repeat it – over and over again.

How it Works


Swap the dirty inner core for a clean inner core supplied by HUBB.


Mail dirty cores to HUBB for cleaning, inspection, and certification.


HUBB will send clean inner cores back to you.


Simple, affordable monthly fee.

Simple. Clean. Easy. Sustainable.

For product and sales information, contact: info@ussafetysolutions.com or call us at 510-356-6543.