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Enhanced visibility, hydrophobic, super strong, safety glass protector.

Nano Liquid Glass Protector

key features

  • Water Repellent Coating
  • Attaches & Cures to Glass
  • Reduces Night Glare by 34%
  • Improves Strength up to 15%
  • Long Lasting Aerospace Formula
  • Increases Scratch Resistance
  • Resist Chips, Pits, Cracks & Breakage
  • Snow & Ice are Easily Remove
  • Improves Visibility in Rain & Snow
  • Reduces Night Glare
  • Water-based, Inflammable Formula
  • Environmentally Friendly Product

Nano Liquid Glass Protector

Protective Glass Coating

Nano Liquid Glass Protector is a unique, long-lasting, polymer coating that creates a hydrophobic (water repellent) surface on the glass.

Using propriety nano-chemistry originally developed for the space program, NLGP penetrates deep into the micro crevices of glass; chemically bonding to its surface. It’s slick, durable coating provides several key benefits others can’t.

First, it improves scratch resistance 5 to 10 times more than untreated glass. This increases your windshield’s resistance to chips from rocks and pitting from sand and other atmospheric debris.

Secondly, its hydrophobic properties boost visibility and reduce night glare while driving in the rain. Thirdly, NLGP last longer than other glass coatings because it chemically bonds to the glass. It’s simply not affected by detergents, road salt, sand abrasion, wiper agitation and other airborne debris. NLGP will last through hundreds of washes and years of driving in the rain and heat.

Don’t be fooled by other products on the market. They are simple water repellents that do not bond to the glass and disintegrate after only a few car washes or rain storms.

Nano Liquid Glass Protector’s formula sets a new standard in glass protection.

How Nano Liquid Glass Protector Works

If you look at a typical windshield with the naked eye it seems completely smooth. However, put that same piece of glass under a microscope, and you will discover that it is actually bumpy and pitted. When rain, dirt, or debris hits your windshield, they get caught in these bumps and pits, which is why they can smear and stick to your glass. It’s also why lights can look blurry or haloed at night. The light is actually refracting off all those teeny-tiny imperfections in your glass.

Rain Just Bounces Off

Nano Liquid Glass Protector is a hydrophobic coating that actually seals your glass. If you were to look at a piece of glass sealed with Nano Liquid Glass Protector under a microscope, it would look incredibly smooth. In fact, you can even feel the difference between a normal windshield and one protected with Nano Liquid Glass Protector just by running your hand over the two samples. Since the sealant covers all the microscopic imperfections of the glass, rain, snow, dirt, and sand have nothing to grab onto. That’s why you’ll be able to see so much better even during a hard rain and why dirt, snow, and ice will slide right off your windshield when you clean it. It’s also the reason why you’ll see a noticeable reduction in night glare and halos when you drive at night.

Increased Strength Extends the Life of Your Windshield

Our formula molecularly alters the surface of the glass, actually making it stronger and able to withstand more abuse than untreated glass. You’ll notice that pebbles and hail damage are substantially minimized when you use NLGP. Remember this is the coating that protects your glass from BB’s and razor blades.

Nano Liquid Glass Protector FAQ

Nano Liquid Glass Protector is a sophisticated chemical compound that binds to glass on a molecular level creating a smooth surface that repeals water, ice, snow, dust, and grime. The smooth nature of the sealant also reduces night glare and the distracting halo effect you see around lights at night. The compound also strengthens glass, which can protect it from cracks, chips, scratches, and pits.

No: Nano Liquid Glass Protector will enhance the performance and life of your windshield.
Your entire warranty will still be valid.

YES: Other products on the market claim to protect your windshield, but they often wash off or wear off with time. Worse, they may even discolor, blister, or peel as they age, reducing your visibility and driving safety! Nano Liquid Glass is truly a unique product, because it does not wear off, wash off, or warp over time. It will last as long as your windshield, giving you greater clarity every day you drive.

YES: We guarantee that if, for any reason, your Nano Liquid Glass application does not meet our performance standards, we will provide a glass replacement or repair and a new application of product at no cost to you. We have a national service program for your convenience with Safelite Auto Glass. This service is part of our three year warranty. The replacement can be performed at your home, office, your local dealership, or at the nearest Safelight location.

We provide an extensive range of warranty terms. Consult your dealer to determine which warranty term is best for you.

YES: We replace or repair your windshield up to $2,000 in cost.

YES: Your windshield will still get dirty. With Nano Liquid Glass Protector you will notice that your windshield and other covered glass is easier to clean. Snow and ice will slide off easily, saving you time, while dirt, grime, and bugs will wash off quickly.

YES: We do not use any chemicals in this product that are harmful to the environment. NLGP meets the toughest environmental regulations in California and qualifies as a green product. Is this product safe?

Nano Liquid Glass Protector is safe to apply and is the only non-flammable hydrophobic coating on the market. When applying, avoid direct contact with the skin and eyes and do not ingest. Keep it out of reach of children.

Nano Liquid Glass Protector will take up minimal storage space and is extremely easy to store. It’s small size allows you to keep a large amount on hand so you don’t have to worry about running out and missing sales.

YES: Our chemists spent three years, developing and testing Nano Liquid Glass Protector before bringing it to market. A study conducted by the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute found that the use of hydrophobic products, like Nano Liquid Glass Protector, improves visual awareness up to 34% over an untreated windshield. The study concluded, "This experiment showed that these products significantly improve driver visual acuity and response time."

YES: Many states outlaw heavy window tinting but NLGP does not tint a window or obstruct visibility. We have thoroughly investigated this question and have found that no state laws would apply to the use of NLGP.

We selected California for this research, because they have the highest standards in the nation. Our product falls under 2 regulations.

Glass pre-cleaner regulations: California Resources Board (CARB) allows 30 grams / liter of VOC (particles for that category of product). NLGP is only 25 grams / liter.

Windshield water repellant category: CARB allows 750 grams / liter VOC. NLGP contains only 2 grams / liter, as compared to other products on the market. We are dramatically under the allowed limits. Other products are as high as 700 gram / liter category. Their products are labeled as flammable / hazardous. NLGP is not flammable or hazardous.

For product and sales information, contact: info@ussafetysolutions.com or call us at 510-356-6543.