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Safety footwear that always performs.

The extensive range of Portwest footwear offers a wide choice of industry leading styles, engineered for performance and ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, protection and reliability. Strong and flexible construction with innovative and stylish design, providing longer lasting, superb fitting footwear that will withstand the test of time.

The Best Components and Materials Used

Complete range of styles made of polymeric materials. Durable and waterproof Portwest WORK construction that is highly resistant to fuels, oils, grease and fats.

A premium range of safety footwear manufactured using the finest materials and components. Steelite® footwear contains protective steel toecaps and/or steel midsoles. The steel components provide outstanding protection from high impacts and compression.

A premium range of safety footwear which is lightweight and flexible. Portwest Compositelite™ footwear contains non-metallic protective toecaps and/or non-metallic protective midsoles.

Innovation, quality components, styling and expert construction define the Portwest footwear collections.

The toecap protects the wearer’s toes against the risk of injury from falling objects and crushing when worn in work environments where potential hazards may occur. The midsole protects against the foot being pierced by underfoot objects.

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