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The Better-For-You, Better-For-The-Planet cleaner and Disinfectant

Commitment to reinventing cleaning and disinfecting to be more sustainable, eco-friendly, carbon neutral and without harmful chemicals

Force of Nature ...People and Planet Friendly.

The Silent Health Risk All Around Us

3 most common ingredients, bleach, quaternary ammonium compounds (quats), and fragrances = the biggest health risks.

Studies show chronic exposure:

  • can be as damaging to your lungs as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.
  • Increases your risk of COPD by up to 45%

The toxic 3 - bleach, quats, fragrances.

The Toxic 3

  • Have been proven to cause asthma & allergies in people who have never had them.
  • Area of profound health risk to people who already suffer from these conditions, which is a staggering 30% of US adults
  • Pregnant women chronically exposed to cleaning products have been proven to be up to 70% more likely to have children with asthma.
  • The CDC recommends not using the these around people with asthma or allergies to avoid dangerous respiratory reactions.
  • Particularly, those in closed spaces with little or no ventilation, constant inhalation and those handling of toxic cleaning chemicals without gloves.

Toxic cleaning chemicals also enter ground water which affects our drinking water, wildlife, aquatic life and plants!

The Assault on Our Planet

Image of platic bottles.

Single-use plastic bottles are choking our waters – and making their way into our bodies

  • 90% of the water we drink contains microplastics
  • A study showed that on average, we ingest about one credit card’s worth of plastic a week
  • EPA tips for reducing waste include switching to reusable and refillable products, and products with less packaging.

The Cleaner & Disinfectant That’s Kind to People & Our Planet

Image of water. Force of Nature is the multi-purpose cleaner, deodorizer and EPA-registered disinfectant that is just as effective as bleach with ZERO toxic chemicals.

Simple Science & Safe Ingredients

Force of Nature miniaturized a 60 year old industrial technology called electrolyzed water, where electricity converts tap water, plus a small recyclable Activator Capsule of salt, water and vinegar, into 2 new ingredients.

images of salt, vinegar, water, electricity equals electrolized water.

2 Powerful Cleaning Agents in 1 Formula

Image of the electrolyzer.

One multi-purpose solution:

  1. Hypochlorous acid
    The antimicrobial ingredient as effective as bleach, yet so safe it’s used in wound healing and eyecare products.
  2. Sodium hydroxide A common detergent that dissolves grease, grime and soap scum.

A New Sustainable Standard of Safety to Stay Healthy

  • Kills 99.9% of Germs, including SARS-COV 2
  • EPA registered, N-list, Hospital-grade
  • All-in-One Cleaning & Disinfecting
  • Safe on all surfaces
  • No skin or respiratory irritants or allergens
  • No rinsing or wiping needed
  • No fumes, No Residue, No Gloves needed
  • 100% Top Allergen-free by Mayo Clinic’s SkinSafe Allergy Safety rating system
Green Seal. EPA Registered.

Sustainable Cleaning & Disinfecting at Last

Image of the electrolyzer and spray bottle.

Green Seal Certified for meeting the highest standards in protecting human health, preserving the climate, ensuring clean water, and minimizing waste

  • Reduces plastic waste by 97%
  • Eliminates single-use plastic bottles
  • No toxic chemicals flowing into our waters
  • Reduces waste and pollution from production, shipping and disposal of typical bottled cleaners
As seen in CNN, Today, RealSimple, Inc., Well+Good

Less Waste - Huge Supply Chain Savings

  • Reduced Shipping Expenses: ~ 85% less Shipping Cost vs Bleach or other Ready to Use Liquid Cleaners
  • Minimize Storage Requirements
  • Image of 1 box of Force of Nature PRO 25ct capsules equals 6 gallons of bleach.

Increase Operational Effectiveness

The only cleander you'll ever need.
  • 1 product = takes the place 95% of cleaning tasks, replaces multiple cleaners
  • Premeasured capsules for consistent results every time and ease of use, saves time, reduced waste and product loss
  • No gloves, masks needed
  • Performs at parity or better than competitive products
  • Costs less than competitive products
  • Made on Demand, as needed
  • Portable system, lightweight

Force of Nature - The Perfect Solution

Image of the two sizes of electrolyzers.

The electronic control system senses and adapts to accommodate differences in water chemistry and temperature to ensure that every batch meets the EPA's stringent 99.9% germ-kill requirements.

Force of Nature.

  • For smaller spaces
  • 12 ounces in 9 minutes
  • 3 ml Activator Capsules

Force of Nature PRO.

  • For high-volume spaces
  • Makes either 32 or 64 ounces
  • Makes 32 oz in 8 minutes & 64 oz in 15 minutes
  • 10 ml Pro Activator Capsules

Force of Nature - Easy to Get Started

Image everything the kit includes to get started.

New Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Wipes

Image compressed, compostable wipes.

Professional Compressed Compostable Wipes
The eco-friendly, people-friendly alternative to toxic wipes

Meet the anti-bacterial, anti-microbial wipe that’s kind to our planet and people. Compressed wipes completely eliminate wasteful & toxic sanitizing and disinfecting wipes that are septic safe.

  • Biodegradable, certified compostable, flushable and septic-safe
  • FDA approved, certified hypoallergenic
  • Tested for adherence of micro-organisms and anti-microbial efficacy for Salmonella and Staph
  • ISO certified, lint-free/anti-static/non-flammable
  • Made from 100% unblended rayon
  • 75 wipes per bag and 6 bags per unit (Total = 450 wipes) $.10/wipe
Green Seal.

Small Change, Big Impact, Commit to Switch

We make it easy to upgrade your cleaning routine with the ultimate sustainable swap that keeps your space, staff and customers safe from germs.

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Capsule subscribe & save program so you stay in stock at the lowest price

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5 star average rating and 2600+ reviews

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100% Happiness Guarantee Love it or return it within 30 days for your money back

Key Takeaways

  • Research shows traditional cleaning products are harmful – people & planet
  • Eco-friendly and Sustainable is critical.
  • Force of Nature is committed to continuing to reinvent cleaning & disinfecting to be more sustainable, eco-friendly, carbon neutral and without harmful chemicals.
    • EPA registered, Hospital grade products effective for healthy living
    • Improved overall operational effectiveness
    • Holistic approach to Sustainability
      • Zero Toxic chemicals
      • Reducing plastic 97%
      • Reduces waste and pollution from production, shipping and disposal of typical bottled cleaners
  • Portable system - lightweight, make on demand – as needed
  • Costs Less
  • Without tradeoffs

Certified by leading organizations: Mayo Clinic, Skin Safe, Carbonfund.org, Green Seal, No Secrets-No Toxics, National Psoriasis Foundation, Cruelty Free International.


Deryck Wade
US Safety Solutions, LLC