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S.E.E.® System

S.E.E.® System

Cyalume Light Products
Wall Mounted Evacuation Lighting
Allow 4 weeks for delivery.

S.E.E. System in use.

10 Light Sticks in Convenient Wall-Mounted Case for Evacuation and Egress Lighting

A Reliable, Maintenance Free Evacuation Lighting System

The Cyalume S.E.E emergency lighting system provides evacuation lighting without the need for generators or batteries.

  • Provides personal, portable and disposable emergency light
  • Install near exits for safer evacuations
  • Hours of useful and effective 360° light
  • Made of industrial strength plastic or blast resistant steel
A Maintenance Free Facility and Marine Evacuation Lighting System

Cyalume S.E.E System is designed for emergency back up during a power outage and is dependable and safer than candles and flares. Ideal for exits, stairwells, offices, egress point and common areas, this evacuation and egress lighting system helps mark a safe, clear route through any building or ship.

Included in this 10 Pack system:

  • 22 6″ yellow-HI ChemLights
  • Mounting hardware
  • Tamper pins

Install the S.E.E.® System with glowing photoluminescent label along a designated evacuation route to provide a safe, clearly lit path throughout a building. When the front cover is pulled open, two 6” SnapLight® lightsticks activate, providing instant light to prevent slips, trips and falls. Evacuees can remove one SnapLight® and leave the other in place as a stationary light source for others following.

For blackouts and power outages – designed for strategic placement inside homes, offices, industrial facilities and marine ships and boats — to enable safe evacuation or location of co-workers and family members. At home, place them near bedrooms, especially children’s rooms. In the office or plant, have them near emergency exits and designated gathering points. Great for nursing homes, hotels, and hospitals, too.

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SKU: 6260-01-396-2503

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Allow 4 weeks for delivery.
Package Weight: 16.95 lbs
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