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Cyflect® Honeycomb Tapes

Cyflect® Honeycomb Tapes

Cyflect® is a unique industrial tape with adhesive and sew-on applications where 100% of the surface not only reflects, but emits an intense glow. A short charge in the light is all that is needed to light the way to safety.

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Product Features

  • Reflective and self-luminous tape is ideal for use on signs, displays, buildings, steps, stairs, and doorways
  • Patented cyflect is the only product where 100 percent of the surface area is both prismatic retro-reflective and photo-luminescent
  • Cyflect products are non-toxic, on-hazardous, and waterproof
  • The material is visible through fog and smoke and, unlike glass-bead material, will reflect equally wet or dry and from oblique angles
  • Cyflect products reflect white and glow yellow-green

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