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The Energy Focus RedCap®

The Energy Focus RedCap®

Direct-wire TLED solution for general/emergency lighting.
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RedCap® Emergency Battery Backup

For: T8 and T12 lamp replacement

The Energy Focus RedCap® offers a first-in-class solution for simplifying emergency lighting installations. Eliminating the need for bulky, external emergency back-up ballasts, this product combines standard and emergency egress lighting in one tubular LED lamp. As the first UL-Approved, direct-wire (Type B) TLED lamp, RedCap® operates at 150LPW under normal lighting conditions, and in the event of a loss of power, the tube remains illuminated for the code-required 90 minutes.

Growing Need for Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is a growing discipline that requires innovative design, compliance with regulations, and easy installation options. To help end users save time and money, Energy Focus has incorporated a solution that solves many of the difficulties with a high view perspective on the challenges involved.

The demand for emergency lighting is increasing due to several regulatory and environmental factors, including growing uncertainties in sudden natural calamities as well as the push by government agencies to adopt stronger safety standards.

The Energy Focus RedCap® is a high-performance self-ballasted TLED, providing 140lm/W efficacy. The RedCap® is an innovative product that holds the rechargeable high-temperature batteries, along with charger, discharger, and indicator light.

How RedCap® Works

The Energy Focus RedCap® integrates its emergency features into the existing Type B TLED thereby reducing costs and improving market acceptance. Traditional fluorescent systems require a cumbersome installation process that normally takes over 30 minutes from start to finish.

Another great feature of the RedCap® is that it demands fewer wires for an installer to work with, dramatically reducing product and labor costs, requiring substantially less time to install. This makes replacement and renewal as simple as changing a light bulb.

With the high standards required for emergency lighting products, reviewing compliance is an excellent way to verify product reliability. The Energy Focus RedCap® is the first UL approved emergency integrated TLED lamp on the market today. Paired with the Energy Focus 5-year warranty, businesses can feel confident the RedCap® is a safe and effective emergency lighting solution for their facilities. To learn more about acquiring the Energy Focus RedCap® for your facility, contact us today.

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Shipping $9.95 each,
10-pk $49.95 (added into price),
all other quantities call for pricing.
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