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10-stage dimming and coloring turning capabilities. Single-ended power.
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EnFocus™ DM Lighting Control Platform

For: T8 and T12 lamp replacement

EnFocus™ gives you the control to human-centric lighting with unique advantages including:

Utterly simple retrofit installation, with no need for rewiringfor control capabilities

Network safe and secure LED lighting control solution

Preserving high power factor and low THD, unlike traditional phase-cut dimming

Much lower cost to install than any other wired or wireless dimming and color tuning LED lighting systems

The most sustainable and affordable lighting control with LED lamps instead of replacing the whole fixture

Features and Benefits

  • EnFocus™ boasts 10-stage dimming and color tuning capabilities
  • Patent-pending phase-cut communication technologies over A/C power lines to facilitate dimming and color tuning while maintaining high power factor and low THD
  • Low flicker across the entire dimming range
  • Installation is as easy as replacing a wall switch and retrofitting existing fluorescent or LED tube sockets
  • Utilized existing wiring of buildings to eliminate the need for pulling new wires to create a lighting control pathway
  • Works in buildings with either 2-wire or 3-wire electrical systems and is universal voltage compatible from 120V to 277V
  • Unlike lighting controls that utilize wireless communication protocols, EnFocus™ is “network safe,” free from increasingly common cybersecurity hacks and risks
  • Provides the most affordable and accessible dimmable and circadian-ready capabilities for existing buildings available on the market

Shipping & Handling

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Products, if in stock, will be shipped within 3 business days of order.
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