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SnapLight LightStations


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LightStation Model 20 Refill Kits
Includes 40 – 4hr, 10" yellow SnapLights, 24 tamper pins, 16 expiration labels, and 12 tie out tags
Our price: $147.95
S.E.E. System Refill

The Cyalume SnapLight LightStation refill pack includes yellow chemical light sticks measuring 10″ long, for providing instant 360° illumination, that can be seen up to a mile away for up to 4 hours in optimal conditions.

Our price: $25.95
S.E.E.® System
Evacuation Lighting and Emergency Light Sticks. When the front cover is pulled open, two 6” SnapLight® lightsticks activate, providing instant light to prevent slips, trips and falls.
Our price: $259.99
6" SnapLight®

Emergency SnapLight in bulk.

Our price: $195.00
8” SnapLight® Ultra-High Intensity Flare Alternative

Ultra Hi-Orange, 30 Minutes

Our price: $189.60
10" SnapLight®

2 hours of light. Choose from Lime Green, Red or Yellow.

Our price: $158.00
Circuit Breaker Lights Stick
Box of box of 20 Lightsticks.
Our price: $9.98
Retail: $19.95 save 50%
Roadside Emergency Lights

Case of 12 2-paks

Our price: $10.00
Retail: $19.99 save 50%
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